Off the Face of the Earth

Well, I completely fell off the face of the blogging earth there! But I have my reasons and have been making things happen in real life that are pretty exciting!

When we left off I was in the midst of racing the Winter Short Track in Charlotte as my post-season cx cool down. The short track was a great experience coming off of cross season. While the races were similar in length, the differences in disciplines and field sizes were a great challenge. I always had to race, I was never by myself even if I felt like it. Ever effort mattered and I was actually competitive in the sport field!

I felt like I should be able to podium and I managed to get my first post-collegiate career podium with a second place that some very fast women made me work for!


It felt awesome! At this point I had grand plans for making the overall podium and finishing strong! But cross and mountain biking and school and work all caught up with me in the form of a nasty respiratory ick that I got from the public schools. Once it hit, it wouldn’t leave, and even when I felt better I knew it was time to rest.

So that’s what I’ve been doing! Riding bikes for fun (and fitness, of course), focusing on my graduate studies, and working on a project that I’ll share soon enough. Late winter/early spring is always busy at work for me too since it’s the start of soccer season, so I was glad to not have the pressure of racing or training to race over my head.

We’ll see how my fun approach to riding has worked out on Saturday, when I race my first ever 6 hr race as one part of a female duo! The Gear Grinder is being held at Camp Falling Creek, and features an awesome 1 mile gravel climb right off the start of the 8 mile course. However, the climb is made up for with an awesome 15-20 minute singletrack downhill at the end of the course. It’s great seeing new races start in WNC and be a part of the movement that is focusing on growing cycling here.  I’m excited to try a new type of racing and feel that competitive drive again!