3 & 4: Openness

Four days in and I’m already behind…oops.

Kyle asked me today what I would blog about, and I said that my biggest lesson from the past cyclocross season was learning to be open. Then he teased me that everything was going to be about cyclocross. Well, it might not be…but then again…

So this past season was the first that I’ve not been in school on top of work. The previous season I had maintained. It wasn’t a great season but I didn’t loose my finishing place in the field, I beat who I had beat the year before and was beaten by those that had always beaten me. My skills did get better, and I learned more how to prepare myself for my races. So going into this season I hoped for some better finishes than the previous season. Well, I got that and more. But my performance is it’s own post.

So while the season was so satisfying on the performance level there was one main theme that started in the preseason that has carried on until this point. And it’s being open.

I’m naturally a reserved person. Making friends is not easy, I struggle to be vulnerable, I can be judgey, and I’m more likely to say no and stay in an environment that I control and know than go and experience something new. So being open has been a hard thing for me to come into. But this past year has been a transition that I’ve slowly been growing into.

So going into the ‘cross season I was really excited to race and be more involved in the actual series. With more time came the opportunities to be more present locally and start to ride and train with all the awesome people who live and ride in WNC. This started the growth of some really cool friendships that the cross season solidified. People who are genuine, who I trust, and that allowed me to be open to even more opportunities. It’s refreshing to encounter people who are real, open, and honest. Being surrounded by these people  came at the time that I was ready to be open to whatever came next…racing, sharing, learning, focusing on not saying no, embracing the opportunities that came to me at work, at play, at home. It also made me be more honest with myself, which can be scary, and define what is next in work and play after school.

I still tend to be cautious, saying no is easier than saying yes, sharing myself is hard, vocalizing what I want and need takes time. But isn’t it better to be open to all that, and the magical experiences that could come to life than to stay the same ol’ course?

So here’s to being open, the people who have given me that space (whether you knew it or not), and to saying yes.


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