A Post a Day…?

I used to really enjoy blogging, using it as a method of tracking the changing of the seasons, my school accomplishments, and then lately my cycling pursuits. But as with many things, the season changed and other priorities moved forward, other interests attracted my attention and energy, and other activities took my time. And that’s fine!  But after a year of silence and really, rest and relaxation, I’m missing the sharing of words, if not for anyone else but for the release this provides me!

So my challenge to myself in July is a post a day. I may go back and reflect on all the amazing things the past year has held, or just think and write. The past year has brought a lot of growth, discovery, and amazing people into my life. There’ve been hard times, and hard conversations, but at the end of it I’m finding myself so grateful, so excited, and confidant in who I am and what I want. It’s a good feeling, satisfaction.

So I’ll leave it at that for now…and then leave more for later!


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