Changing Seasons

Looking at the last time I posted and wow. I kind of let that get away from me, didn’t I?

Well, here’s a short and sweet recap.

  • Started the second year of graduate school at North Carolina State University, as well as an elective class at the Biltmore Park Western Carolina University campus. It’s been challenging in a good way. The end is in sight for the PRTM program however, and I’m counting down to graduation in May!
  • I started a cycling team, Pure Velo Racing with the support of Crosstown Velo and Sycamore Cycles. We have some rad chicks on the team and are slowly building and getting out there.
  • It was year two for the Summer Short Track Series! A lot of fun and it’s great being able to provide a racing opportunity in the area. A highlight was having the Mars Hill Cycling team come down to the last race and throw down.
  • There was an epic end-of-summer beach trip that was completely restorative and relaxing.
  • I just returned from the NRPA Congress in Charlotte. It was my first national congress and it did not disappoint. I learned so much, and tried to absorb all the things. Despite a eye infection that resulted in an urgent care stop, I’m grateful for the opportunity. There was a lot of inspiration and thought-sparking, as well as relationship building and new experiences.

That’s the short and sweet version. I’ve been feeling challenged and spending a lot of time on my work and education, so there hasn’t been as much time to ride and train as I would like, but I know while I can do anything, I can’t do everything. So here’s to getting it done!


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