Rolling Deep: Scott Scale 29’r!

A couple weeks ago I had the joy of rolling a brand new Scott Scale 29″ mountain bike out of Beer City Bicycles! My previous mountain bike is my trusty Jamis Durango 3 that has been my steed since I started this whole riding bikes thing.  But since the whole 29r thing went down I have been dying to jump on that and roll big! And now, thanks to Frank and Jay at Beer City, I get to ride the big bikes!

Scott Scale
Scott Scale

The Scale comes with a Shimano Deore drivetrain and my favorite Schwalbe Rocket Ron tires! I have been amazed at how fun it is to ride! The most noticeable difference between this 29r and my Jamis is how smooth it rolls. While hardtails can be a bit bouncy, and the Scott is no different, it is much smoother and more stable over rocky terrain. I also feel so much more confidant descending sweet fast single track because the surface contact between tire and trail is increased. In just a few rides I’ve set new personal records on Strava without even trying! Climbing is also easier (maybe not easier as the old adage goes, but definitely faster!), and I’m always surprised at how comfortable it is to stand and pedal on both ascents and descents. Overall, it’s fast, it’s comfortable, I love it! Somebody was on to something with this 29r thing!


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