DeFeet…Can’t Be Beat!

A couple years ago, I wrote a review on the DeFeet Wooleator socks. It was my first review on this blog as well! Ah…the old days!

Anyway, DeFeet offers so much more than just socks. In the past couple of years I’ve gotten to try some of their other products. I’ve become a die-hard DeFeet fan! If you haven’t experienced the awesomeness that is DeFeet, you should, and I’m going to tell you why!

  • Socks: What I said in my first review is still true: I wear these socks all the time! My collection has increased by a few pairs, notably the custom Beer City Bicycle Aireator and a couple North Carolina Cyclocross pairs. I’m actually wearing the green stripped Wooleator right now! The greatest thing about wool is it’s versatility! I just wear shorter, lighter DeFeet socks in the summer, and break out the Woolie Boolie’s for the coolest of rides.
  • Kneekers: There aren’t words for how awesome the Kneeker’s are! Once again, they’re wool and surprisingly wind resistant for those road rides. The Kneeker’s stay up, unlike other legwarmers I own, and provide perfect coverage for most cold rides. I have a pair in black and will soon be getting the CoolMax white to use in the summer to help keep cool and protect my skin.
  • ArmSkins: These arm warmers are comfy! The sizing is a bit off for me though, I’m right between the S/M and the L/XL sizes. The S/M is too short, while the L/XL is too long. I do have issues with them slipping down because of the size issue. If there was a dedicated Medium, I think I would endorse the arm warmers as much as the socks, knee warmers and gloves. If the sizing works for you, great! You will not regret the investment!
  • Duraglove: I got these gloves to use for chilly rides, but have ended up incorporating them into my every day, cold weather wear! Like the Kneeker’s, they are surprisingly wind resistant! They have grippy traction on the palm and fingers making it easy to hold on to your bike, water bottle or phone. I still use these for racing when I need some warmth and protection for my hands. They’re really great for cyclocross since they have a slim profile and allow you to grip the top tube well when going over barriers. Since they are wool, they perform really well even in wet or muddy conditions, making them even more perfect for cyclocross. The gloves are probably my favorite DeFeet product over all…but then again the socks are just so good too!

There’s a bit of home state pride when it comes to DeFeet too! DeFeet’s headquarters are in Hildebran, NC. They are not only committed to a high quality product, but also to manufacturing their  products in the US. So give them a try! Support your local bike shop, a US based company, and keep your body happy while you ride!


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