Drink Up: Skratch Labs Review

Trying hydration products has been a hard one. For a long time I used normal Gatorade. I know, I know. It was cheap, easy to get, and I just didn’t know better. Cost is a big factor when it comes to drink mix, but ingredients, efficacy and how it made me feel have also played a big role in finding what works for me. So I tried other mixes. They either tasted nasty, made me feel nasty, did both, or were very expensive. Eventually I heard about the Skratch Labs drink mix. I liked the idea, simple, real ingredients that actually did what you needed: hydration!  I actually know what these ingredients are: cane sugar, dextrose, sodium, citric acid, magnesium, calcium, potassium and real fruit for flavor!

To say I was stoked when Beer City Bicycles started carrying their products is an understatement! I bought several of the single serve packets in different flavors and took them with me to mountain bike nationals in New Mexico to try!

The first time in New Mexico, I struggled with dehydration and the altitude. New Mexico is a lot drier than Western North Carolina! However, staying hydrated is one way to help fend off altitude sickness. This time I was prepared, I knew I had to drink a lot of water all the time, and that I would need additional help to ensure I got all the electrolytes my body needed to stay competitive.

Enter Skratch. My first impression was the taste! It was so fruity (I love fruity, but I also love real fruity, not sugary fake fruity. This was real fruity)! Then the consistency. It was as smooth as water should be, no grittiness, no weird residue left over. Next, the tummy test. My stomach felt fine! There was no cramping, nausea or feeling like I was overwhelmed by sugar. And finally, it was just refreshing overall! I used Skratch in my first bottle during the cross country race. Hydration while racing is one of the most important components. I don’t know about you, but if I don’t like what is in my bottle I don’t drink like I should. I drink when I HAVE to, and not always when I should. With Skratch, I didn’t have any problems finishing my bottle and making sure I was hydrated for my race.

I love all the flavors, but I think pineapple has to be my favorite right now. It’s just so tasty! While I use this mostly for cycling training and racing, Skratch can be used for running, hiking, and other workouts when you need electrolytes.

You can buy the drink  mix in the 1lb bag for $19.50. The serving sizes says you can get around 40 servings per bag, making this a lot cheaper than other drink mixes that only have around 32 servings per bag. Mixing up your mix is also a personal choice, I tend to go with a lower drink mix to water ratio than suggested to cut down on the sugar I’m consuming, getting more than 40 servings from a bag.  You can also purchase the single size packets for $1.95 each if you want to test out all the flavors or have the drink mix pre-measured for handy on the go use.  If you’re in Asheville, stop by Beer City Bicycles to pick up some Skratch! Otherwise you can order online directly from Skratch Labs.


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