What Cycling Has Taught Me

Photo by Joshua Cole
Photo by Joshua Cole

Cycling has taught me…

…I’m stronger than I think

…I’m my biggest obstacle and get in my way more than anything else like schedule, energy, or the weather

…To dig deep even when it seems like there’s nothing left, there usually is and you don’t know until you try

…There are some incredibly generous people in the world

…It’s crazy fun to descend singletrack!

…There is little that a bike ride can’t fix

…The potential is endless

…You start where you are and go from there, pro’s didn’t start as pro’s

…When you take care of your body, it takes care of you

…Know when to rest and recover73579_527636400580028_940666401_n

…Always be prepared, it helps to ward off the evil of flats and mechanicals

…How to experience flow not only while riding but in other areas of my life

…To ride for fun

…And to focus on a goal

…To use the excitement of races as fuel for competition

…That I’ll go to places I never thought and see more than ever before

…Meet amazing people who inspire and motivate

…To race smart and not get too giddy!

…To have fun doing something amazing!

…To keep on exploring and experiencing!


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