Collegiate BMX

One of the best thing about collegiate cycling is the opportunities to try many different disciplines. Some I’ve loved, others I’ve been less than excited about. But throughout them all was the opportunity to try! So try I did!

Ready to BMX!
Ready to BMX!

The most recent new thing is BMX! USA Cycling added the discipline to the collegiate schedule and this year the results will count towards the overall team rankings. At Mars Hill, we currently have one BMX pro rider, Alan Hudson. The rest of us who were interested have simply jumped on borrowed bikes and peddled like crazy out of the gate!

The SECCC has hosted two races at BMX courses in SC. Each time we took down a team and all tried something new! I’ve really enjoyed it! BMX is totally different from any other type of racing! It’s fast, short, your center of gravity it weird due to the 20in bike and wearing a full face helmet. Runs are called motos and you use a starting gate. At the first race, hosted by the University of SC at Lexington BMX, track standing in the gate to get the best start was an issue. Alan gave me some tips and by the end of the day, I was able to maintain my standing at the gate!

BMX at Lexington Photo by MHC.
BMX at Lexington Photo by MHC.

A larger group went to the BMX race in Greenville SC, hosted by ETSU, our friendly neighbors from Tennessee! The Greenville course seemed a bit harder to me than the one in Lexington, but it was a good experience to ride on something different. Especially since my experience is extremely limited!

Women’s Team — Photo by MHC
Track Standing Practice Paying Off — Photo by Mikey Keith

   The weather had been sunny on and off during the day, when right before the 3rd and final moto, it started snowing! It snowed harder and faster than I’ve seen all winter in NC!

Sarah and I Were Very Confused -- Photo by Mikey Keith
Sarah and I Were Very Confused — Photo by MHC

Racing in the Snow! -- Photo by Mikey Keith
Racing in the Snow! — Photo by Mikey Keith
Snowy Course — Photo by Mikey Keith

We did our final run in the snow, before hurrying to pack up and hit the road for home! Sadly, once we got to the NC/SC state line, the snow disappeared!

The next stop for the Mars Hill Cycling BMX team will be Nationals in Phoenix, AZ next weekend. Catherine Harnden and I will represent the women, with Alan and Logan making up our men’s team. I’m very excited to visit a new location and race some BMX!

Thanks to everyone who has worked hard to put on the first BMX races ever in the SECCC and to those who have loaned us their BMX bikes!


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