Go Soap Review


One of the perks of being on a cycling team is the opportunity to try new products! Go Soap started supporting the Mars Hill Cycling team this past fall and have provided us with samples of their sports detergent. I’ve been using it since and haven’t been disappointed!

My first uses of Go Soap were on my kits after hot, sweaty mountain bike rides. As just about every cyclist knows, no one feels or smells anywhere near fresh after a summer mountain bike adventure. I try to throw my kits and socks in the wash as soon as I get home since they’re so icky from sweat, dirt, mud and who knows what else. After using Go Soap in the wash, my kits come out clean and fresh smelling. I’m not a huge fan of artificial scents, like what you find in most sports targeted detergents. They smell too strong and fake. With Go Soap, there’s just a fresh smell and not a hint of what I’ve just put my clothes through.

The next great test of Go Soap has come with cyclocross. This season has featured a lot of mud, especially at Nationals. But with pre-soaking of Go Soap and more in the actual wash, mine and everyone on the teams kits, arm warmers, socks, gloves, jackets, hats, leg warmers, base layers and more came out looking brand new! We weren’t gentle on our stuff this weekend either, and yet Go Soap handled it all!

Unfortunately, I don’t have before and after pictures. But my kits all look clean, the white sections are brilliant, there’s no  mud spots, and they smell clean!

You can order Go Soap online, or ask about it at your local bike shop!


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