A Long Time Coming

I know. I’ve failed at blogging. I have plenty of excuses…. School. Working full-time. Training. Racing (31 races in 2012!). Traveling to Mountain Bike and Cyclocross Nationals. Etc. Etc. Etc. Fact is, there have been other priorities. So no excuses, that’s just how it is. 

But, so many awesome things have happened and I do want to continue to share and document them. So here goes!

I finally fully got my dream job. I’m exactly where I want to be, and where my talents, passions and education can be used in awesome ways! It’s really exciting! I feel empowered and thankfully have an amazing work environment that lets me grow and do cool things. It has been an adjustment, the timing wasn’t perfect due to me being in the midst of a full time semester, but I survived and didn’t make any compromises between my two tasks. 

I traveled once again to Angel Fire, NM for the 2012 USA Cycling Collegiate Mountain Bike Nationals. I was disappointed in myself, my performance was not what I had hoped, and as a team we encountered some challenges from injuries. Still, I’m proud of our performance, which put us on the bottom step of the podium in DII. 

November brought a little calm to my crazy life and I started to step up training once again and do some of the NCCX cyclocross series races. I love cross, I love mountain bike, and it’s hard to say which I love more. But this season was definitively a stronger cross season than mountain bike season. The collegiate cyclocross season is really short for SECCC, and since the Mars Hill team did the majority of the races , I found myself as the DII Individual Omnium Women’s Champion! It was really exciting, since I’m not usually at the top! I even won a collegiate race for my first W ever! I also got my first payout finish at one of the MSG series races in Tenn! The culmination of cyclocross comes for us at the USA Cycling National Championships! I love cx nats, it’s bigger than other nationals since it’s not just for collegiate nationals. I’ll do a write up of that weekend soon with all the details and stories! But long story short, we all raced our hearts out in crazy muddy and below freezing temps to tie with Bevard College, and lost the tie-breaker to take 2nd place in DII. While I am disappointed that we didn’t take home the stars and stripes for a second year, I’m content with my performance. I put it all out there, and I know the rest of my team did as well.

Now it’s back to my last semester as an undergrad, complete with internship! I’m lucky that it works out to complete it in tandem with my current position. Road season will be here soon enough and I’ve got a lot to learn and train for! 

2012 was amazing. 2013 will be even better.


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