Well, I’ve been meaning to post a post all summer. Obviously that did not happen. A super quick recap: first non-collegiate mountain bike (got 2nd), gardening, lots of mountain biking, lots of working, family events, start of fall semester, and now! Told you it would be super quick! Currently, I am on the team bus somewhere in Tennessee en route to Union College’s mountain bike race in Kentucky, and it seemed like a good time to actually get an entire post out!

The summer really was fantastic—a lot of friend time, working at my favorite place, many mountain bike rides, garden experiments and general fun summer-ness! At the same time, I feel like I missed a lot of summer lazy since I was trying to fill up my time with friends and fun! Not a bad thing at all I guess.

In August the Mars Hill fall semester started. It’s my senior year, which feels great. My degree goal is so close and yet still so far! Thankfully, I only have 4 classes this semester, which is making it possible for me to continue working. One of my classes is an outdoor and leadership class where we’ll be canoeing, rock climbing, doing outdoor skills and intuitive games. I’ve loved being on the river in any capacity possible and am loving getting more chances to play in boats on rivers. Next summer I plan on taking part in a women’s kayaking clinic to get even more skills and comfort in the water.

The team mountain bike season started last week at Eastern Tennessee State University. It was great getting to race so close to home! Our overall results were about what was expected since we’re focusing on Nationals versus conference this year. I was disappointed in my short track performance, but it was what I knew it would be. There’s no replacement for those hard threshold workouts regardless of what you tell yourself! Needless to say, last weekend was the motivation I needed to refocus my energy on training whenever I have a chance. That in of itself is a challenge due to my schedule. But you know me, I function well with a high level of activity!

I am looking forward to this mountain bike season and returning to Angel Fire for Nationals in October! I’m trying gravity events this year too! My goal for those events is to get from point A to point B and have fun doing it! There’s more focus on short track and cross country, which I am more comfortable with due to more experiences. I’m also looking ahead to cyclocross season! I now have a beautiful cross bike via Beer City Bicycles that I cannot wait to race. More on that later however.

All in all, it has been a great summer and a successful start to the new school year!


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