Whew! What a year it has been! I always feel like the year begins and ends with the school schedule. Perhaps that’s merely an artifact of being in school for 17 out of my 23 years. So, now that the stress of finals is over and I’ve had time to expand, unwind, and be a lazy-face for a bit, I’m giving you the highlights of my junior year!


  • Started junior year at Mars Hill College! Getting to that point in my education had been a goal for a long time, and I was super excited to be there!


  • First mountain bike race EVER in my life in GA for Mars Hill Cycling. I was so excited and ready for it (which proved I was doing the right thing) and podiumed in my first short track and cross country races.


  • First Cat A mountain bike races at our home races.
  • Collegiate MTB Nationals in Angel Fire New Mexico! We got 5th as a team and had an amazing time despite the freak snowstorm and rough conditions. It was some of the hardest, yet most personally rewarding racing that I’d done during the mountain bike season.


  • First Cyclocross Race! Thanks to the Magnificent Frank from the always raved about Spin-Tech, I got to finally race the discipline that long ago inspired me to one day be awesome and ride bikes!


  • North Carolina Cyclocross Grand Prix. This is where it started years ago, so getting to race in my hometown in the races that started it all was incredible. I can’t wait for next year!


  • End of my first semester at Mars Hill with a 4.0 gpa and Dean’s List award!


  • USAC Cyclocross Nationals in Madison WI! I think this is the highlight of my year! It was amazing being surrounded by so many riders of all levels, as well as sharing the goal for first place with the team. I rode to my best finish of the season in 7th, in a nationals race! It was really exciting helping the team get one the podium as national champions!
  • Start of the spring semester at Mars Hill College. I was really excited since I was taking recreation classes at last! Not really excited about the 19 credit hours and 7 classes, but ready to tackle it!

February-March were full of schooling, taking a break from riding, and trying to start training for road in a very crowded schedule.



  • End of the semester and my junior year with 3.8 gpa and Dean’s List again! Officially a senior!
  • Celebrated 4 years of marriage with Kyle! I’m so grateful for him and happy that he’s my man.


And that’s about it! I’m enjoying readjusting to a regular work schedule and relaxing after full and busy school year. I’m excited to start focusing on mountain biking again, racing a couple of times this summer and then heading into collegiate mountain bike season strong and ready to dominate. It’s nice getting to ride with Kyle again and spend time together. He’s awesome. I’m looking forward to all this summer brings!


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