8 Reasons Mars Hill Cycling is Amazing!

1. Support

One of the most awesome parts of being on the Mars Hill Cycling team is the support from Mars Hill faculty, local businesses and sponsors, area riders of all levels, as well as the support from the team and coach. The environment at the school and in the area is so awesome and excited about promoting and supporting cycling!

2. Team Spirit

I love our team! We’re out there cheering for each other regardless of weather, race, or result! I’ve noticed other teams (who I shall not name) only supporting their rider if they win, but we support them all! Of course, we love wins and get really really excited about those, but everyone’s result matters and we support that.

3. Training Options

Part of this is due to where we are in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Long, sweeping roads with epic climbs and miles and miles of world-class single track are all close by. So whatever the discipline, we’ve got the terrain! You can also utilize Spin-Tech Training for power testing and compu-trainer workouts.

4. Fun People

The riders on the team are awesome! Spending time together as a team always results in so much laughter, joke sessions and craziness. Everyone loves fun, right?

Game Face

5. Coach Hugh Moran

One of the best things about being on the Mars Hill Cycling team is Coach Hugh Moran. He works hard to ensure that the team has awesome sponsors, drives us to races, makes the travel plans, pushes us to better performance (National Champions, what what!), and fills the role of Papa Bear.

6. Academic Excellence

The standards of education at Mars Hill College are high. The teachers are qualified and intelligent, interested in you as a person, supportive of cycling and pretty great people! I’ve really enjoyed my classes and know that my education is much better than I would have gotten elsewhere. It prepares you not only with information for your major, but provides lifeskills and experiences that will benefit you beyond college.

7. Opportunities to Grow as a Cyclist

You’re a mountain biker and want to try road (ah hem)? Road biker who wants to do cyclocross? Sure! One of the best parts of Mars Hill Cycling is that you are given the opportunity to develop other cycling skills and explore disciplines.

8. The Team to Watch

That’s right, we may be small and we may be new, but Mars Hill Cycling is the team to watch! With national championships and top ranking, we’re a team to be taken seriously! It’s exciting, and we’re in it to win it!

DII Cyclocross Champions

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