So, what have I been up to lately? Just some midterms, an enjoyable spring break spent at my favorite place, oh and a little thing called road cycling. After a hectic first half of the semester that involved 19 credit hours and 10-20 hours of field work, I’ve finally been able to start riding on the road! Once again, due to the benevolence of Beer City Bicycles/Spin-Tech Training.  I’ve even had my first races!

I knew that road would be drastically different from mountain or cross, but I didn’t have any indications of how it would differ. I’ve really enjoyed getting to ride around Madison and Buncombe counties as I get used to being on the road, riding closely with other cyclists, sharing the road with cars, and generally getting more comfortable. But all that did little to prepare me for my first actual road race! On top of my lack of training, I had a nasty cold (that relapsed after I eagerly rode too soon) the week of spring break, the same week of collegiate races at Dalton State in Georgia.

My circuit race result (a sprint for 3rd) was awesome, but I definitely have a lot of work to do for the team time trial and road races. Let’s just say the pace is a little different from mountain bike racing! And man, chasing the break is exhausting! Still, I rode with the pack longer than I expected, and when I did get dropped, Yolanda and I rode the rest of the race together and got a nice training ride in.

Thanks to Hugh, I approached all the races as a learning and training experience. I wasn’t too keen on the idea to start with, but am glad I did. First hand experience is priceless!

I’m excited to keep exploring road and do what I can to support my team. I’m really excited about the training options that road will provide for me this summer and the impact that it will have on my endurance and strength for mountain bike season.

Now on to more training!


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