Just a Quickie

No, I have not ridden off the edge of some precarious singletrack in Pisgah. I have been instead navigating the immense load of school projects, trying to continue my road training (not doing too well on that. More about that later I’m sure) and booking hours for my field work experience. I sometimes feel like I’ve never been so stressed and frantic in my life before, but I’m a student, I have been and will be again. That’s okay. The most I can do is put my head down, work hard, and do my best. At the advise of my mentor, I’m trying to prioritize what really deserves my attention and energy, and base my performance on that. It’s hard, I want to do it all and do it all well. But it has been so relieving letting myself concentrate on the things that I feel are priority. Currently, it’s my major course work (accounting class and training are taking a back seat). With four out of six classes being major classes, that is taking a lot of time. Part of that is time spent on my field work (about 10 hours a week) at the YMCA. I’m really enjoying it, but I do miss having those hours available for studying or training.

But, this is just a season, and I expect to emerge smarter at some point.


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