BioWheels-Asheville Review

Well, all the excitement of nats is slowly fading into an amazing memory, so I can finally get back to reviewing things!

BioWheels Asheville is one of Mars Hill Cycling‘s sponsors. Through that connection, I went to them when I was shopping for a legit mountain bike this summer. Since I’m still a baby cyclist, I still sometimes feel out of my element in bike shops. But this wasn’t the case at BioWheels! They are super helpful in recommending bikes based on your riding needs and answering all and any questions.

It took about a week for my bike to arrive at the shop after we ordered it. When I went to pick it up, they made sure the fit was correct, and I was on my merry little way!

Now, the best thing about BioWheels, in my opinion, is their service and maintenance. Any bike bought in their store gets free “Bio-tunes.” As I was breaking Jamis in and getting used to how she rode, I must have been in there once a week for about a month getting things looked at and tuned up. I got my bike tuned up before every mountain bike race this season, with a special tune up before heading to nationals (they even packed it up for me!), and didn’t have any mechanical during any of my races!

BioWheels also stocks Hammer Nutrition, other nutrition products, bike accessories, clothing, parts, and maps and guidebooks.

So, if you’re looking for a friendly little shop, with helpful employees and a great service department, check out BioWheels! They’re located in Asheville, NC, Cincinnati, OH, and online!


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