Mars Hill Cycling: DII Cyclocross Champions!

What an awesome weekend!

After an intense men’s race this morning, we found ourselves in first place in the team omnium for Division II! The rest of the day was spent in giddy excitement as we watched the elite men and women’s races, cheering and heckling with attitude.

This morning us girls swapped roles with the guys are they prepared for their race and we played the role of support team. The course was drastically different from yesterdays conditions, starting out frozen and fast.

Tim had a great start despite a early mechanical, and made his way up to 2nd place. Corey had the misfortune of being wrecked in the first turn but came back with awesome power to take 8th after breaking his shifter on one of the climbs and having to finish out with one of the spare bikes. Micheal battled the slick and muddy conditions and performed well for a roadie with a 24th place finish. It was intense watching the race from the pits and seeing the course start to deteriorate into a slick muddy mess.

After the awards ceremony, we also chased down Jeremy Powers and Ryan Trebon for a photo with the team! They are both super nice guys and a huge shout out and thanks to them both for posing with us!

Jeremy Powers, USA National Cyclocross Champion
Ryan Trebon, Cyclocross Nationals 2nd Place
MHC Cyclocross Team
With our amazing hosts for the week, the Cassels!

It feels so great getting the national championship as a team! I get to ride with the most amazing kids ever, and being a part of this has been incredible!I’m also really pleased with my performance this weekend and am coming away from this nats weekend hungry for my own successes and podium finishes, eager to keep training and gaining skills!

My deepest thanks to our amazing Sponsors! Without you we would not be here, getting all sorts of awesome results! Thank you to our amazing hosts this weekend, the Cassels! Having such a wonderful place to stay for sure influenced us for the better!

All photos by Mikey Keith


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