Workout Stream of Conscious: Intervals (Caution: Language)

[Beginning of workout]

Yeah, I got this. Feeling good. Ha, powering through like a boss. Yeah yeah faster. check out that cadence! Those days off were good for me, feeling awesome! Yeah, okay. Push push push faster. Whew! That was ok! I got this. Don’t start too hard though, you always do that. Okay, get that cadence up….. and here we go again. Yup, still good…but….got this push it faster power power power. Ew. That spaghetti doesn’t feel good in my tummy. Whatever, that’s lame. No excuses! That’s a nice burn, clean that crap outta those muscles! Yeah! Power power power. Ah, heart! *Cough* Ow. That’s okay, recover. Ah yes!

[Middle of workout]

Fuuuuuck. Ow! Damn it, cadence! No excuses, remember that old guy? Seriously! Faster faster faster. Come on rpm. No…. up not down! GERRRRR! Wow, my heart is literally going to explode (in Chris Trager from Parks & Recreation intonation). No excuses! Come on, faster faster. Why isn’t it going faster? Oh, cowbell! Faster faster! Yes…good rpms. NO!!! Stay up damn it! Fuck this. Ow. Breathe breathe breathe. Stupid lungs. Come on. Okay, going to own this one! Get that cadence up…awesome! Okay…and now! GO! Settle in, maintain maintain. Come on legs! NO! FASTER! FUCK! Ow, my crotch! I’m never going to road bike ever. Come on…. stupid Madison WI. Fuck Madison WI. No excuses no excuses. AGH! Ew, I feel sick. No excuses, seriously! Push it, no excuses, gotta fuck Madison WI up! Ow. Fuuuuck.

[End of workout]

Uuuuuuugh. Almost done. Breathe breathe breathe. Push push push. Faster faster faster! Good heart rate. But still ow. Seriously, spaghetti not a good lunch. Owwww. Fuuuuck. Come on! P’own these! GERRR!!!! LAME!!! NO excuses ever. Come on…. ahhh! Wow, I feel sick. Maybe I’m not racing right… I never feel this bad after racing. Whatever. Wow….. okay just going to breathe and not vomit. Okay…. whoa. Yeah! Done! Ha!


Despite the misery, I know this is good for me. I’m glad for the opportunity to get such awesome training, and I know it will help me perform my best at ‘cross nats in Madison. But thinking about my inner dialogue from my interval session this evening was amusing after the fact. Training and racing require such a strong mental fitness in addition to the physical. I’m definitely working on finding what works for me and keeping it empowering.

P.S. Be sure to check out the link on the old guy reference. Mind blown!


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