Semester Wrap-Up

Well, what a fall it has been! So much to adjust to, with starting a new school, juggling work with school, a 50 minute one-way commute, new people, so many opportunities and a whole lot of new experiences!

The highlight for sure has been cycling! The team is so much fun, I think we deserve a spirit award for how enthusiastically we approach everything! There is a lot of motivation and encouragement from everyone, so thank you for that! It’s been really great, especially being the baby biker that I am. The support from the local cycling community has been incredible as well. Of course, I have to mention Spin-Tech again! They always go above and beyond and are such good people!

I enjoyed all of my classes too! Coming from community college to university, I expected harder work, but not much more than that. However, the teachers that I’ve had this semester are of such high-caliber! They are more similar to my favorite teachers at Blue Ridge, who are knowledgable, experienced, and have a genuine concern for their students. I’ve enjoyed being in the classes, taking part in discussions, as well as the higher expectations that these teachers have. It’s very refreshing after three years in community college to have that level of instruction, as well as being surrounded by students who comprehend instruction and aren’t going through a mid-life crisis. To anyone in community college, I say this: it does get better!

To top off the excellent instruction, I’m enjoying the feeling of accomplishment that comes from a 4.0 gpa for the semester! Yay!

My school experience is a little strange, I’m married, commuting and a transfer. But it hasn’t really mattered. I’m glad for that since I want to take advantage of every opportunity I’ve given at Mars Hill.

 It’s been real y’all! See you in January!


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