Mars Hill Cross

I love races. The atmosphere, the common ground bringing people from all backgrounds and of all ages outside to do something amazing. I think cycling has to be one of the most diverse things out there. Were else do you get all ages, fitness and experience levels and disciplines in one place? All that said, next to races I love working events. Whether it’s a movie night, all day festival, or yes, a race! So, not much could come closer to being perfect than the Mars Hill Cycling Cyclocross race!

In addition to being our home collegiate cross race, it was also opened up for USAC races, from Cat 4 all the way to elite. Thanks to all our sponsors and local bike shops, we had an amazing selection and amount of prizes. We also had WE Race approval, meaning equal payouts for elite men and women! While I don’t race elite, that equality is something I like to see! We also had these amazing wine glasses made from Industry 9 hubs for first place.  And t-shirts and music and Neo Burrito and my favorite coffee truck, Izzy’s all added to the awesomeness of our race.

Klara and I worked hard printing these. Thanks to Jay and Spintacular Entertainment for donating the shirts and letting us use the cool t-shirt printer!

 The course was pretty awesome! Props to everyone who was up at 6am staking and taping it! The collegiate races started at 10am, which was nice since we could race and then focus on the event. I decided on Friday that I would definitely race, after going back and forth. I had not done any serious riding in the previous two weeks aside from some fun mountain biking. But I figured how bad could it be and racing our home race would be a nice way to end my first year of racing.

Spin-Tech once again generously let me ride one of the Scott demo bikes (I think I’m in love with that bike btw!). Warming up was not good. I felt really weak and seriously considered not starting. After all, I was there for fun, and fun doesn’t feel like that. But Frank said to go out and do my best, and punking out is not my best, so race away!

The course was tough, a lot of climbing and tight turns. It was really challenging and fun! I hurt pretty bad but just went for it and rode. I ended up 9 out of 11, which I’m okay with! After seeing the field for collegiate women, I’m super confidant for next year. If only I had trained more this year I could have definitely been in the middle of the pack.

The rest of the day was really fun! There was some great, intense racing from the elite men, and we got to cheer on Mait, Marco, and Nick in their first cyclocross races ever during the Cat 4 race. Mountain bike season paid off for Mait, as he totally dominated and easily took first.

I can’t wait for next year, and an even more amazing event!

Many thanks to Coach Hugh Moran, his hard work and management made this race happen!


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