DeFeet Socks: Why They are Awesome

In addition to being one of our awesome sponsors for Mars Hill Cycling, DeFeet is also a local business, based out of Hildebran, NC.Knowing this, when I was preparing for USAC Collegiate Nationals, I picked up a couple pairs at Liberty Bikes in Arden. My wool sock collection up until that point consisted mostly of dressy knee socks and ski socks, so I was in desperate need of wool socks that could be worn with my mountain bike shoes.

DeFeet Wooleator. Source: DeFeet

The Wooleator is perfect, and comes with green accents that match my kit! The fit is amazing, much more comfortable than my SmartWool socks of a similar weight. They’re thin enough to be worn with my hiking shoes, boots, and dress Merrells, as well as with my mountain bike shoes.

The biggest test that I’ve put them through thus far has been wearing them at nats in races at 28-34 degrees. My feet never felt wet or cold during my races despite running my bike through miles of deep mud and snow. And they even kept me comfortable during my shady and breezy descent.

Since nats, I’ve worn these socks just about as fast as I can wash them! They are perfect for almost any temp and really comfortable. Now, I’m not a big fan of shoes and socks. I’m much happier in the summer when I can wear my flip-flops and run around barefoot. But these socks make me happy and I want to wear them!

So, if you’re looking for a specific purpose sock for cycling, running or hiking (they have all the bases covered), or just an everyday sock, be sure to check out DeFeet. You won’t be disappointed! And you’ll be supporting a local business that makes their products in the USA.


Note: I have not been compensated in any way to rave about DeFeet. They are an awesome team sponsor and make an awesome product. I’m happy to share my experiences and hope to inform and educate my readers.


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