Collegiate Mountain Bike Nationals: Short Track

Day two of nats started with the short track race. Short track is my last race, so as I write I am enjoying the blissful feeling of completion!

I was really excited about the short track today. The course was still pretty frozen, which was actually great. It race over an uphill pump track and then a short climb before heading down and around to the start/finish.The course started to thaw out as we rode, which was interesting since it was almost a different course each time around. All of the short track races today were really fast, which the leaders going crazy fast.

I got a good start and passed people on the climbs. Mikey and Mait cheered us on at the climb, which was super helpful since it was brutal!!!

I got pulled after three laps, placing me in 20th place. I was actually sad that I got pulled at that point, I wanted one more climb which I knew I could just kill and pass some people.

Klara did awesome and came in at 9th.

The guys did awesome in their short track. Tim came in at 5th after holding strong for the entire race. Mikey came back super strong for the short track at 7th, which is amazing since he’s racing on a hurt shoulder. Corey ended up 25th and Mait came in 39 (not DFL!).

Tim dominating the climb

After the short track, the team is at 6th place in omnium. Hopefully Klara, Tim and Corey will pick up a lot of points in the gravity events and get us up a couple places.


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