I Was Not Last: Conference Races

So….this past weekend was the SECCC Conferences MTB races at Lees McRae College. It was a beautiful setting, with some amazing courses. Things were switched up with cross country on Saturday and Short Track on Sunday. After training hard for the last two weeks I was really excited and feeling good about this weekend.

I had a great start (for me) in cross country and settled in nicely to the first half of the course. Then came the rock garden. It was pure and utter evil. In addition to huge rocks, the ground was really damp and just caked my tires. I felt like I was riding on slicks for the majority of the time and struggled to clip in with all the mud in my pedals. Two feet were much fast than two pedals for me! I definitely need to work on my rock skills after all that. I was lapped and placed 11 out of 16 (with 3 DNF’s), so I’m pretty happy about that!

Sunday had the most amazing weather for the short track. The start caught me by surprise, but once I clipped in, I made up my place. The short track course was really fun. It had fun mud as opposed to the evil mud from Saturday and two creek crossings. I was doing great until I wiped out after my tire got caught on the edge of a wooden bridge through the mud after the first creek crossing. Boo. I was left all alone in the woods for the majority of the remaining race which isn’t great for me mentally. But Klara lapped me which helped me since I could case her through the woods. Aside from my disastrous crossing, I enjoyed the other creek crossings! Perhaps it was just the triumph of conquering the thing that threw off my game. I ended up 14th out of 15, which while I would have loved to place higher, is an improvement and I’m happy with it.

In other news, Mars Hill got 5th in team omnium and Klara placed 4th in women’s A omnium and won the Dual Slalom on Saturday!

So now we chill before Nationals at Angel Fire Resort in New Mexico! I am so excited!


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