It’s official. No, it’s now legitimate. I am in love with cyclocross.

Every since the first time I witnessed that excitement that is ‘cross, I’ve been in awe, amazed, reverent, inspired, and a little jealous. “Wouldn’t it be amazing to do that?”I thought to myself, but quickly dismissed the thought. No, it’s way too amazing, hardcore and challenging. Still, my love has grown through working events, the people and the culture that surrounds and exemplifies cyclocross. My dream of doing ‘cross got a little closer as I got older and more dedicated to doing the things that interest me. And then, something amazing happened. I got to join the cycling team at Mars Hill, have an external motivation, got some fitness and skills….and finally, got to race cyclocross.

It was amazing! It was everything I thought it would be and more. I felt like I was grinning almost all of the race. There were moments of course, but that’s part of the ride. There aren’t words really, but it does feel like a huge affirmation. This is something that I’ve felt I would love, and I do!

So, now to get through the rest of mountain bike season (conference this weekend, nationals at the end of the month in New Mexico!), and see what I can do with cyclocross!

Special thanks to Frank at Spin-Tech for the loaner bike! It was a dream come true to ride cross! And WNC people, go check them out for awesome training and more!


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