First Race

Well. I did it! My first races ever are done and in the books!

This past weekend was the GA Tech mountain bike races held at the Georgia International Horse Park, where the 1996 Olympic mountain biking events took place!

The biggest surprise to me was that I was not nervous at all! I took that as a sign proving that I was indeed ready to do this thing. Usually I don’t do very well with unknown situations. Maybe I’m growing out of that.

So, I raced two events in women’s B division, short track on Saturday and cross country on Sunday. I got a great start in short track and was the first into the single track section. My quick start hurt though, and I was worried that I had started too quickly and would burn out. But I hung on and after dropping a few places, retook 3rd place with a strong finish. The cross country race was one 8+ mile lap. I got a great start there too, and was 3rd as we entered the single track. I was able to pick up second, but lost several places when my chain took a little vacation from my derailleur over a creek crossing. Boo. But I ended up with a 5th place (thought it was 6th, but the official results say 5th, so I’m taking that!) and a time of 56:26. I really think I could have made top 3 again except for that chain. Ah well, shit happens. I’m lucky that my little chain issue was the only technical issue I had. Four of my teammates has issues that resulted in them pulling out.
The whole weekend was a great introduction to racing; from placing better than I would have even hoped for, amazing support from my coach and teammates, to hotel pool adventures. I can’t wait for the next race in October. It’ll be on home turf this time, since Mars Hill is hosting.

Now on to more training so I can compete at the A level!


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