Train baby, train

It’s one thing to train on your own. It’s completely another to have external guidance and assistance. After a summer of doing my thing (which has made a huge difference in my endurance, strength, and technical skills on the bike, but not as much as it should have), it’s been great refocusing under the guidance of my coach at Mars Hill. In the two weeks since school has started, I feel so much stronger, faster and more confidant! Still scared outta my mind for my first race, but so excited as well!

The first week of classes also brought power-testing at Spin-Tech Training in Asheville, a cycling coaching and training facility who is also one of the Mars Hill team sponsors! It was a good experience (aside from dying), and definitely inspired me to get those numbers way up! Let’s just say that there’s a lot of room for improvement! đŸ™‚

But, the awesome guys there have graciously provided me with a six-week CompuTrainer session! They are super friendly and helpful! Everyone should check them out!

Today was my second workout. It hurt a lot more than the first, but I know that is a super good thing. I can’t wait to see the improvement in my power numbers at the end of the six-weeks. The past few weeks are reminding me why I love working out, I love feeling the fitness that follows! It’s so easy to forget that endorphin-fueled rush, but I keep going back to it again and again!

And….Georgia Tech race this weekend. First race ever.


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