Do It

I think my biggest struggle with training (and exercising or things I’m not really excited about in general) is getting up and doing it. I depend way too much on having someone with me, an external force to get up and go out. It can be especially hard in the evenings after work. I’ve just worked all day, it’s okay to chill for a bit before heading out, right? Nah man! The couch is for when I get back and NEED to chill.

I’ve been in love with the feeling of working out for a while now, there’s a triumph about it. But lately I’ve been learning how it feels to be alone and do it. And that feels great too! It’s a personal satisfaction that’s different from sharing the pain (and gain) with someone else.

I think each has it’s place, and I just have to learn to get my ass in gear and head out by myself most of the time. Afterall, everyone needs alone time now and again…be it reading, riding, or just sitting.


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