Summa lovah

I love summer. It feels so free and inviting. It’s warm. I can swim in lakes and sit on my front porch at night. Days are long and filled with fun and friends.

This summer especially is wonderful. No summer school, just work at a place I love, weekends to fill with hiking and biking, lots of good food and drink, evenings with friends…ah! I feel rediculously carefree! I’ve worked hard to get here, and I’ll continue to work hard. But I fully believe that work hard=play hard.

A few highlights of the summer thus far:

  • Perfecting my mojito recipe (nom!)
  • New chairs on the porch
  • Awesome bruises from adventures (one involving sliding off a trail and into the woods while still attached to my bike.)
  • Mumford & Sons concert in Asheville. SO EPIC!
  • Many hours spent with my friend Sarah before she left for NYC for the summer
  • Virgin Islands with Kyle
  • Evening runs with Jo where we talk more than we run
  • Weekend drinks with Kyle
  • Finding new places to explore in the mountains with Kyle

Last summer was amazing, this summer is epic!



2 thoughts on “Summa lovah

  1. Hi Laura!
    From Greenfingers over at his blog, so nice to read that life is going so well for for you! Congrats on your degree as well!
    Hope that you and Kyle keep enjoying both the lovely routine and unexpected surprises that life throws up!!
    I thought I’d pop over because you always left comments on my blog in the early days and I’ll always appreciate that!!
    Thank you always and Take care.

    1. Thank you! It’s good to hear from you! I hope that all is well with you and the wee man. 🙂 Life certainly is an adventure, and as long as it continues like is has, I’ll gladly keep exploring it.

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