Summer Kickoff

Wow. That’s really all I have to say looking back at the last two weeks. Things can change rather quickly!

For a quick recap…

I left my job at Highland Lake to come back to the park for the summer. I miss everyone there, but I needed to have an easy, low-stress summer where I can have weekends with Kyle, nights with my friends, and the chance to start training properly. The park is my happy-place too, so it’s been amazing coming back.

I graduated with honors from Blue Ridge with my Associate’s Degree on Friday, May 13. I was expecting my diploma to have that date on it (yes, I’m weird, but it’s funny!), but it didn’t. Fail. While my AA isn’t the long-term goal, it feel great to have reached this point.

Graduation with my little sister Sarah and Daddy

I didn’t really care about the ceremony and all that jazz, but I do wish that my mom had been able to share the triumph with me. I know she knows and is proud, but there’s still so much I want to share with her in more than just showing the sky what I’ve done.

Then Kyle and I took off to the U.S. Virgin Islands for 6 days! It was bliss…beaches, bars, rum drinks, tons of wildlife, and complete relaxation! We celebrated our three-year wedding anniversary, graduation, and relaxing!

Trunk Bay, the most beautiful beach in the world according to National Geographic
Kyle and I

I got to read tons of books, snorkel my ass off, and get a terrible sunburn. We stayed at an eco resort with an excellent restaurant and a quiet beach at Coral Bay for four nights and then stayed in town at Cruz Bay for the final two nights.

So that’s about it. I’m back to a normal 8-5 schedule at the park. Got my first 5k tomorrow at the Mountain Sports Festival! I’m still super slow, but the goal is to do it, don’t stop, and get better. Next week I’ll start training for cycling at Mars Hill in the fall!

Summer feels great!


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