Self Love

Self love is a strange concept to me. It always struck me something that was self-obsessing and selfish. That view has changed dramatically in the past year to the idea of self respect and taking the needed steps to nurture and grow in the best way possible. For me, a better term is “self care.”

I’ve usually always been pretty content with me. Sure, there were improvements to make, but they were minor flaws that hardly kept me from excelling at work, school, and play. However, the older I’ve gotten (oh yes, 22 is so old and wise), the more I’ve realized the importance of self improvement, better health and fitness, and even the eradication of some of my flaws. That all comes together under my idea of self care.

The idea of self love first came from Gala Darling and her Radical Self Love posts on her blog. If you have time, I really recommend them. While not everything applied to me or even interested me, the concept was really inspiring. It further compounded the concept of taking care of yourself so that you can take care of the people or things that are important to you.

Over the past year I’ve kept coming back to taking care of and loving myself; be it through exercise, diet, time management (this is a big one for me), organization (another huge one), focusing on the people around me (in other words, show and act on my care and concern for them), and making time for the things that matter to me. So far, 2011 is a year of change, improvement, and movement! Better care and self improvement is right in line with that!

It’s so easy to get caught up in the ideal of who you want to be, the perfect version, that it’s easy to forget that the small actions and changes now will accumulate into that best self. For me, that means managing my time better now, eating better now, going to the gym now, putting away a few items now, reaching out now. Now instead of later, even if by later you mean in a few minutes.

Some of the things that I’ve found to be helpful in maintaining self care and activity are a positive friend group, good diet, writing down the good things you’ve done for yourself (I write down all my workouts, and it’s awesome seeing all the days that I’ve overcome being lazy and comfortable to do something better!), and rewards! 🙂

So I’m going to take action now, and do my homework!


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