Three Things for Progress

The more I work out and increase my fitness, the more I want to continue to improve and grow. It’s so satisfying seeing the differences in my body, strength, and endurance! I’m still very far away from where I want to be, but I have the motivation, a bit of the reward, and more importantly, the mindset.

It’s easy to think about being fit and healthy. About what I’ll do tomorrow to be more active and make the right eating choices. But to have the mental power to actually do it is another story! It’s a gradual process to get in the habit of doing those squats, going to the gym and pushing it on the elliptical, and eating the best food. It’s something that I’ve been working on and struggling with at times since December.

There are three things that I’ve found to be vital to progressing:

  1. Accountability
  2. Habit of healthy choices
  3. Goal or motivating factor

Accountability: I’ve discovered that it’s so important to find people who want to do the same activities, or can go to the gym at the same time. Without Erin and I going to the gym after class on Mon/Wed/Fri I probably wouldn’t be getting 3 workouts a week. Without Ariana starting to run everyday at the park, I wouldn’t have run (well, attempt and walk is a better description) on Tuesday and Wednesday. It’s so great having someone to share the time with. There’s also more get-up-and-go when you know that there’s someone counting on you being there.

Habit of healthy choices: Once I made the terrible mistake of not eating enough protein after an intense workout. Needless to say, for the next several days, my muscles ached and I felt like I was falling apart! Ever since then, I’ve been very careful to eat protein after every workout. I’ve also slowly developed other healthy habits, like eating something substantial for breakfast (oatmeal is a favorite, and a Zone Perfect bar in a rush.). My meal choices overall have improved, partially since I don’t want to negate all the work I’ve done, and partially because when I eat better, I feel so much better! I still eat what I want, but what I want to eat has changed for the better. Also, portion size! Splitting food with friends is awesome! It’s usually the right amount and much cheaper!

Goal or motivating factor: I have two main goals right now for getting fit and healthy. One is to prepare for cycling in the fall. The second is sort of silly, but I really want to look good in a bikini. Now, I have what have been called “child-baring” hips (I was told once that a girl was jealous of them since it would make childbirth easier. Wow, thanks. Glad that’s on my to-do list. Not). Anyway, it’s the part of my body that I’m the most self-conscious about. I’m not trying to get super skinny or even change the fact that I’ve got junk in the trunk, but I do want to be comfortable. And it makes me feel really great that I’m getting closer to that!

 So I keep going, progressing and growing, developing good habits, and feeling better than ever!


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