I think think we all have someone who has inspired us so greatly that the direction of our life changed, the person who embodies an ideal, career, or dedication that you can’t help but desire to emulate. I think it’s normal, especially during the teen years to find someone who represents the success, opportunity, and maturity that it seemingly so out of reach for an awkward, confused teenager.

It’s funny to look back at my life and see the small choices that brought me to where I am in my personal educational and career journey. Without taking that first step and becoming a soccer referee, being curious at the inner workings of a park, and meeting the people that I did, I wouldn’t be sitting here with the same goals and motivation. I wouldn’t have made the connection that has turned into my mentor and inspiration.

So this is why I continue to take each opportunity to learn and experience anything I can. You never know where that first step will take you!


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