Weekend Fun

Lately I’ve had Friday and Saturday as my days off from work. It’s been really nice getting to spend at least all day Saturday with Kyle. Between working in the hospitality business and school, we don’t get too much time together. So needless to say, we take advantage of any chance to be together.

Since the weather was so nice yesterday, we drove to Pisgah Forest and hiked John Rock. But first we made a pit stop at one my favorite places, Diamond Brand and got new hiking shoes! Kyle got some Keens, and I got a pair of GoLite shoes. We’ve typically been all Merrell up to this point, so it’ll be interesting trying something new. The GoLite’s are comfy and more minimal than most hiking shoes and are more formulated as a multi-purpose shoe. Eventually I want to try the Merrell Barefoot shoe, but I’m not quite ready for so much “barefoot” hiking.

John Rock is a nice hike, not too long and it has the reward of the awesome views looking towards the Parkway and Looking Glass Rock. There were about 8 Peregrine falcons flying around too!

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It wasn’t as much hiking as I wanted to do starting out, but my body is still feeling the effects of my cold earlier this week. That’s always disappointing, but I’ll make it up this week and be ready for something more intense next Saturday!

We filled the rest of the day with tacos, movies, and fresh squeezed carrot and apple juice! Fresh juice is so amazing and rich! And it really feels like you’re drinking down raw health! As I write, Kyle is creating fresh orange juice, banana, and mango breakfast smoothies!

I’m so glad that spring weather is starting to be a regular occurrence! It helps makes the weekends even more incredible.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Fun

  1. Great pictures. And what a good time! John Rock and Looking Glass are such different hikes, which do you like better? You said Looking Glass has more interesting scenes and spots along the way. John Rock has more route options, more creek, you get to the top sooner, plus you get the spectacular view of Looking Glass from the top. I am excited about the coming months of warm weather and sunshine, and our outdoors adventures together.

    Next time I’ll refrigerate the fruit so our juice will be cold! Imagine a glass of pure, cold kiwi juice…

    1. The features of each one make them so different, it’s hard to choose a favorite. John Rock is good and can be a quick hike, while Looking Glass seems a little more leisurely despite being longer. It is impressive looking at Looking Glass, but sitting on top of it is fun too!

      Fresh fruit juice is so satisfying, much more so than store bought. Think of the personalized mixtures we can create!

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