The Icky Icky

One thing I really dislike about school is flu/cold/fever/winter season. I feel like I’m in the trenches of immune defense, doing everything possible to keep from catching that icky that’s taking everyone out. Usually I do okay, drinking Emergen-C (it is goodness in little packet form), washing my hands, and of course, having a pretty good diet. But alas, I’ve been attacked and am currently waged in hand-to-hand battle against some malicious ick. Airborne and Ricola Throat Drops have been added to my arsenal, and copious amounts of water have been consumed. The fact that I’m still functioning rather well is a good sign, but I have to keep reminding myself to chill out, don’t go to lunch with healthy people, and stay away from the gym. Maybe that’s where I got this thing from…

So for now, I’m taking it as easy as possible (which isn’t too easy unfortunately) and trying to get back to healthy Laura!


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